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Monthly Archive for August, 2016

Working at Home with Cockatiels

I share an office with the cockatiels.  Most of the time it’s great because I have company during the day. For the past few weeks, the cockatiels have been ridiculously nesty, though.  Trevor and Stonewall will fly to the floor to try and find a place to nest.  Conner will join them later if I […]

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Ava is 27 Months Old

Independence/Motor Skills Ava’s experimentation with fear is lessening.  She’s scared of thunder and lightening, but she has no problem with slides. She’s getting very bossy.  She’s always asking me or her nanny in the mornings first to go outside, then to drive her somehwere.  I keep taking her to the same park up the hill […]

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Our nanny was on vacation last week so we stayed at home with Ava.  It was a nice opportunity to listen to her ever-increasing vocabulary.  She absorbs words from everywhere and she has some cute phrases. Ava says “heave, ho” when she’s trying to pull something I asked Ava if she was ready for dinner […]

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