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Ava is 27 Months Old

Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava’s experimentation with fear is lessening.  She’s scared of thunder and lightening, but she has no problem with slides.
  • She’s getting very bossy.  She’s always asking me or her nanny in the mornings first to go outside, then to drive her somehwere.  I keep taking her to the same park up the hill because it’s more shaded than our nearby park.  Also, it’s in the fancy part of town so the kids are more well behaved than our local park where parents often send their kids because they don’t want to parent.


Foods and Liquids

  • Ava is such a great eater.  She will generally eat anything except leafy greens.  She may not like the food, but she’s at least willing to try it.
  • Right now Ava eats a poached egg for breakfast; a lunch of various things like yogurt, fruit, and pasta; and a dinner that is similar to ours, but often toned down so it’s not as spicy or flavorful.


  • The same.  Sleep in your own bed, Ava!  If Ava goes several days without taking a nap, I do anything I can to get her to nap because she starts tantrumming around 4pm.  She will get mad over nothing and throw herself on the floor, screaming.


Language Skills

  • Ava is able to identify 14 types of birds: macaw, duck, chicken, goose, peacock, flamingo, owl, crow, penguin,  turkey, woodpecker, seagull, toucan, and puffin.
  • She is starting to connect concepts together.  Tonight we were talking about the sunset and Ava said “Night comes after the sun goes down.”  Also, her nanny taught her that “Bees make honey” so she yells that every time she sees a bee.


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