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Ava Is 34 Months Old

Independence/Motor Skills


  • Ava is still deeply committed to being a kitty.  The other night she insisted that she didn’t need to wear pajamas to bed because her fur would keep her warm enough.
  • Ava is back to fighting potty training.  I don’t understand why she keeps going back and forth but it’s not the sort of thing I want to push because it would make the process worse.  She’s dry throughout the night and sometimes she doesn’t pee in her diaper for an hour after she wakes up.
  • Ava is getting better at identifying her emotions.  When she gets upset she’ll say “Kitty is sad!  Kitty is not happy!”  After she has a meltdown, she’ll say “I was sad and I cried!”

Foods and Liquids


  • Food is still a bit random.  Ava doesn’t like skins on things like apples and potatoes.  But she likes the apples and potatoes without the skin.
  • She loves fish.  The other day I made some delicious salmon and it was the only thing she was willing to eat for dinner.  But she doesn’t like lobster meat, go figure.


  • Sleep is the same.  Ava has been more into naps lately, I think because she has a lingering sickness.

Language Skills


  • No longer is Ava merely repeating words she’s heard before.  Now she’s assembling concepts together, sometimes with hilarious results.  I don’t ever want to forget these anecdotes.
  • Like most toddlers, Ava has a habit of putting gross things in her mouth.  She’ll suck on the metal sides of a grocery cart, she’ll put pennies in her mouth, etc.  We’ll tell her not to do that and she’s started justifying her actions.  At first it was in a very smart lawyerly way that recognizes distinctions between concepts.  If you said, “Don’t put that penny in your mouth,” She’d respond: “I’m just licking it.”  But now she’s taken it a step further.  The other day Ava was painting and for some reason she loves painting her lips with watercolor paint.  When her nanny told her to stop, she said: “I’m just thinking about owls.”  Like she was contemplating owls while her paintbrush merely rested on her lips.  Brilliant!
  • The other day Ava and I were laying in bed and I said “Ava, I love you.”  Ava responded, “I need a hug and a kiss!”
  • Some of the excuses are a little sneaky, though.  Sometimes Ava will be up to no good and when you tell her not to do something like hit you, she says “I’m just trying to make you laugh.”
  • Ava doesn’t like it when her nanny leaves at the end of the work day.  She will often tell her nanny “I want to come too.”  The other day when I came out of my office, she pointed at me and said: “No.  I don’t want you.  I don’t love you.”  I have to admit, it hurt.

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