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San Diego

We recently took a trip to San Diego.  Ava was so amazing during the travel.  We didn’t even tell her about the airplane until we were an hour from leaving for the airport because otherwise Ava would have asked about the airplane every five minutes until we left.  And if she gets too impatient, we play Fruit Ninja on my phone.  Ava is pretty good at it; she gets really excited when a bomb appears in the game.


We stayed at this great apartment with views of the Coronado bridge.  The area was a bit unsafe for walking because it was a block away from a huge homeless shelter.  But a great thing about a busy city like San Diego is that you can get food delivered from anywhere.  We had two kinds of poke and lobster!


The apartment was part of a huge complex.  Our unit was on floor 32 and there were plenty of floors above us.  Ava kept her cat identity in San Diego and she decided she should tell people in the complex about her cat qualities.  She’d say: “I’m a kitty!  I have sharp claws and soft fur peeking out of my shirt.  Will you pet my belly?”  She did this to a guy in the elevator and he became incredibly uncomfortable until Jon made a joke about how Ava just made everything weird.  When she did this to the women, they loved it.


On our first full day we went to the New Children’s Museum.  If you have kids and you do anything in San Diego, it should be to visit the New Children’s Museum.  Not only did they have a ton of different areas with fun things, but they had an area for kids that are four and under.  The museum is also perfectly designed for kids because it had a quiet area in the basement where kids could read books or relax.  Ava didn’t nap the whole trip, but she still needed her typical napping hour for quiet time.  She sat and drank a bottle and then was able to go back to being wild and crazy.  They also had a taco truck with the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten.

The first exhibit at the museum was a room filled with white sand and gold glitter.  The exhibit had filters and sieves and when you filter out the sand, the gold glitter is left so it’s like mining for gold!  Ava would have happily spent the entire time in that room, but when she started trying to sleep in the sand, we took her out.


Jon enjoyed the museum too.


The next day, we went to the San Diego Zoo.  The zoo is in Balboa Park, which is huge.  It’s amazing to think that a major city could have such a huge amount of green space.  We visited a petting zoo section and took a bus ride of the park, but then Ava was done.  I was really proud of her because she told us that she wanted to go home.  It’s so great to have a toddler with enough language skills to tell you what she’s feeling.


On the last day, Ava and I hung out with our wonderful friend Tiffany!  We can’t wait to go back.




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