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Ava is 35 Months Old

I’ve been telling people that Ava is three for months because it seems ridiculous to say that she’s still two.  She’s too tall and she talks too much to be called a two-year old.  I feel like no change could be greater than the transition from two to three when a child goes from knowing a few distinct words to having nonstop conversations.

Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava is starting to enjoy dressing up.  I’m happy because we have so many things for her to dress up in that were going unused.  Plus, it’s so much fun.  Unlike two Halloweens ago when Ava was hysterical about having to wear her Yoda costume, now she’s thrilled.



  • Stonewall was sick last weekend and Ava was so brave about it.  I discovered that Stonewall was having seizures on Saturday morning so I took him to the vet.  I was gone for two hours so things were very different for Ava.  She understood what was happening and asked a lot of questions about it.  Stonewall is better now, but Ava is still working through it.  She pretends one of her bird toys is sick and has to go to the vet.

Foods and Liquids

  • Ava is a champion eater of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.



  • Ava needs about 11 hours of sleep a night, which is right in the middle for a three-year old.  I’m very grateful that her sleep schedule is pretty reasonable right now.  She’s asleep between 8-10 every night and up at 7-8:30.

Language Skills

  • One book that Ava loves is called “Dragons Love Tacos.”  The story is that you’re not supposed to give dragons tacos with spicy salsa because it makes them breathe fire.  This guy throws a party and accidentally gives them salsa with jalapeños and, as a result, the dragons burn the guy’s house down.  When we tell Ava that some of our food is too spicy she says: “Don’t eat it, you’ll burn the house down.”
  • I read a book to Ava the other night that is really beautiful.  It’s about a child that doesn’t want to go to bed so her parents tell her about how all the other animals go to bed, including the bat, which folds its wings and falls asleep.  I never know how much attention Ava pays to a book.  But it was clear this time when we finished the book and Ava said “I will fold my arms like a bat.”


  • One of Ava’s favorite songs is “I Don’t Recall” by Lavender Diamond.  Every time Ava hears it, when the song is about to end she says: “One more time.”
  • When Ava likes a song but she doesn’t know the words, she just says “meow, meow, meow” along with the melody.
  • Ava’s favorite word is macaroni.  I think she just likes how it sounds.  She’s been calling me “mommy mac,” which is short for “mommy macaroni.”
  • Ava’s been telling this joke that she finds hilarious.  She asks what something is saying, be it a bird flying overhead or a house.  She’ll ask what the thing is saying, and then she speaks for it – “I want milk!”

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