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Ava had a great Easter.  We gave Ava an Easter basket first thing in the morning.  We tried to make it healthy by adding egg-shaped fruit to the basket like a kiwi, a mango, and a papaya.  Ava was more excited about the chocolate, though.  And the plastic duck, especially the plastic duck.


After breakfast we attended our street’s annual Easter egg hunt.  These events are the reason that we live on this street.  Everyone participating in the hunt dropped off 15 eggs on Saturday.  The hosts combined the eggs and planted them on the street.


Last year Ava enjoyed picking up eggs.  This year Ava was more interested in the contents of the eggs.  So much so that she found four eggs and wanted to open them instead of continuing to hunt.  Then ten minutes later she realized there were more eggs to search for.  Fortunately, someone put a ton of eggs in a bush next to our house so we pilfered from there.  Last year there was no candy in the eggs, this year it was about 70% candy.  Ava approved.


One person who filled Easter eggs does not understand child safety, though, because they filled some eggs with magic capsules.  These things look like pills, but when you put them in water the gel capsule dissolves and this foam inside expands to look like an animal.  That’s an incredibly dangerous thing to have around toddlers.  If a kid ate one, they’d end up needing surgery!  Fortunately, when we explained this to Ava she understood and didn’t try to eat them.  Instead, she focused on the Easter eggs that included balloons!


We’re still using the Easter materials.  Ava enjoys mixed media and she’s been taping the plastic eggs and the grass that comes in Easter egg baskets to paper.  After Easter we went up and down the street trying to find more grass for her to use, which was delightful because we helped Ava with her art and cleaned up the neighborhood.



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    Miss the updates on Ava!