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Monthly Archive for July, 2017

The Beatles

I’ve never known many nursery rhymes or good songs to sing to Ava at night.  I can sing the entire album “The Downward Spiral” by Nine Inch Nails, but you wouldn’t understand half the songs if you had to omit all the “fucks” from the lyrics.  So it’s very lucky that I also know a […]

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Cape Cod

Ava has now visited both coasts! We spent 11 days in Cape Cod in a little house on a pond in Orleans, MA.  The pond was great because the temperature was wonderful, unlike the Atlantic ocean, which was way too cold.  Fortunately, Skaket Beach is perfect because the water is very shallow.  The shallowness means […]

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Ava Is Three-Years Old

In some ways I’ve felt like Ava has been three for months, but the night before her birthday I was incredibly sad to no longer have a two-year old.  I love how she’s growing up and our conversations, but I miss baby Ava.   Independence/Motor Skills Ava likes to copy our behaviors, so we’re trying […]

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