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Cape Cod

Ava has now visited both coasts!


We spent 11 days in Cape Cod in a little house on a pond in Orleans, MA.  The pond was great because the temperature was wonderful, unlike the Atlantic ocean, which was way too cold.  Fortunately, Skaket Beach is perfect because the water is very shallow.  The shallowness means it’s safer for kids and the water is warmer.  Also, no one is at the beach when it’s a little cloudy out.


Skaket Beach is on the side facing the mainland so it makes for gorgeous sunsets.



The other beach in Orleans is Nauset Beach and it was way too fucking cold.  It had fun waves, but Ava got cold so quickly she insisted that I hold her while we were in the water so only her toes would get wet.  As a result, we went to Skaket Beach about 10 times as compared to a single visit to Nauset Beach.  It’s hard to beat these views.


Although we spent most of the time in the water, Ava and I also visited a couple of museums.  She liked the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.  I found it a bit puzzling because the people who worked there don’t seem to understand that the people who designed the museum designed it for kids. The employees went around telling kids not to touch things.  I’m still confused about why they had these big bins with fish and plants and step stools for the kids and yet they got mad when the kids would stick their hands inside the bins.  But Ava didn’t mind and she had the best time.  Especially in the shark cage.


And with the bird exhibit.


Ava was less thrilled about our visit to the Cape Cod Museum of Art, but I think it was a valuable experience.  I would show her different artistic techniques and explain how she had used similar techniques.  Art is really important to Ava so I hope she’ll develop a love of art history.


I already miss Cape Cod.  Although I’ve been living in the West for over a decade, it still doesn’t feel right because everything is so dry.  It felt right to be living in a lush environment.  Ava liked all the animals and insects.  She saw her first lightening bugs, caterpillars, and toads.  This little toad lived in a stump right outside the house.  We would check on him several times a day.




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