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Ava Happenings

Hello!  After Ava turned three and I stopped doing the monthly posts, it became a lot harder to come up with topics even though I have so many Ava stories!


Ava has been taking swimming lessons.  She loves the water and she often cries in the morning if it isn’t a swimming lesson day or she has to wait until after lunch to go swimming.  When she swims, the teachers’ biggest problem is that Ava tries to swim away from them and swim on her own.


Next week Ava is starting ballet lessons.  Every time she sees ballet on television she starts doing the moves, so we thought she needed some ballet lessons.  We bought Ava the ballet shoes, put on The Nutcracker, and Ava danced around the room until bedtime.


Here are some Ava quirks:

  • Ava has strong opinions about what clothing she wears.  She feels that all shirts should be long-sleeved shirts (“Does it goes all the way down?”).  When the temperature is above 95, though, she begrudgingly wears t-shirts.  She also prefers pullups to underwear even though she’s fully potty trained.
  • Ava has been having a lot of tantrums.  It used to be that she got upset because she couldn’t express herself.  Now, I think she does it to relieve strong emotions.  She’s much more likely to tantrum before bed.
  • Ava is really into baking.  Someone in the house has a birthday every day and she makes them a cake with flour, sugar, water, and spices.  She’ll taste the spices so it’s improving her palette.  Teddy Roosevelt usually has several birthdays a day.


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