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Ava is such a charming little girl.  But don’t call her a girl.  She’s really a kitty and she gets mad if you call her anything but a kitty.  She can’t even handle this TV show Super Why where they refer to the audience as Super Readers.  She tells the television, “No, I’m a kitty.”  When people ask her name she says “Kittycat [Last name].”  Sometimes she says “Kittycat Ava Michelle [Last name].”  But never only Ava.


Ava is obsessed with space.  She’s always asking what earth, moon, sun, and Venus are saying.  She also talks about Mars, Neptune, and Uranus.  She’s quickly learning the positions of all the planets relative to the sun.  She also loves the joke that moon eats cheese.  She always asks “What kind of cheese?”


Ava does not want anything to change.  The other night she said right before she fell asleep, “I want to stay little.”  Ava can’t stand any story that involves a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.  She can’t even stand the ending to The Pout Pout Fish where the pout pout fish becomes a kiss kiss fish.


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