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Inside Out

Watching animated movies with Ava has always been more of a duty than a joy.  But I love the movie “Inside Out” and I thought Ava was old enough to enjoy it so we watched it last weekend.  For people not familiar with the movie, it’s about an 11-year old girl who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco.  The movie is shown from the perspective of her emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust.  The moral of the movie is that we need to feel negative emotions and we can’t pretend that things aren’t difficult by only pretending to experience joy.


Ava was hooked as soon as she saw Anger blow fire out of his top.  She thought he was so funny.

DSC_6507 (1)

Jon bought a toy Anger and she was initially scared of him because she thought he was real.  After Ava and Jon talked about it, she started treating Anger like a baby and made a bed for him.  She also makes care packages for the other emotions.


Jon also bought these wonderful books that each cover one of the emotions.  Each day Ava wants us to narrate for at least one of the emotions.  She’ll ask, “What’s Anger saying?”  The first day was Anger, the second day was Sadness, and the subsequent days have been mostly Fear, but with a little Joy and Disgust mixed in.


It was so fun to watch the movie with Ava because she follows the plot line very well and asks a lot of questions.

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