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Monthly Archive for November, 2017

Ava is 3.5 Years Old

I miss the old format of describing Ava.  In honor of her turning 3.5, I thought I’d write one. Independence/Motor Skills Ava has great motor skills.  She’s very close to being able to brush her teeth on her own, she just needs help with the back parts of her teeth. Speaking of teeth, Ava likes […]

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2017 Garden

Gardening was so much fun this year.  We had our usual cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes and we added melons, tomatillos, and herbs. Pro-tip for planting melons: that one little seedling will result in many melons, so you don’t need to plant four seedlings for each type of melon in the garden.  I think I’ve eaten […]

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Halloween was interesting this year because Ava doesn’t like costumes.  She thinks if you wear a costume it means you will become the thing represented by the costume.  She didn’t even want to be a kitty, until we explained that candy was involved.  Then she was not only okay with it, she wanted me to […]

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