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2017 Garden

Gardening was so much fun this year.  We had our usual cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes and we added melons, tomatillos, and herbs.

Pro-tip for planting melons: that one little seedling will result in many melons, so you don’t need to plant four seedlings for each type of melon in the garden.  I think I’ve eaten enough melons for the next two years.  I did enjoy watermelon gazpacho and watermelon feta salad, though.  Watermelon gazpacho used watermelon, cucumbers, basil, and jalapeños from the garden, so it was the ultimate dish.


Peppers and tomatoes, on the other hand, can be combined in infinite ways and I’ll never get tired of them.



Tomatillos are amazing and I’ll use them so much more now.  I made salsa; a recipe that is described as a mole, but was more like a soup; and a dish with shrimp and tomatillos.  So good!  The dish below is tomatillo salsa, poached egg, smoked trout, and homemade potato pancake.  It’s a very simple amazing recipe.


I also filled planter two boxes up with herbs.  When we were receiving a CSA I discovered that fresh herbs make all the difference.  Dried tarragon doesn’t taste like anything, but fresh tarragon has a wonderful slightly licorice flavor.  I filled the planter boxes with rosemary, basil, tarragon, thyme, lavender (which never produced, but maybe next year), and oregano.  The results were amazing.  You don’t need butter and cheese when you can get flavor through herbs.

The herbs are also nice because I make homemade kombucha and it tastes amazing with herbs.  You haven’t lived until you’ve had basil blueberry kombucha or cherry rosemary kombucha.


I’m sad that the season is over, but now I can make all these hearty meals with mushrooms.  In the summer we are so overwhelmed with garden vegetables that I don’t like buying produce from the store.  All winter I can buy guilt free.



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  1. Beloved Parrot says:

    No more updates about the cockatiels? I kinda miss reading about them.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’d be happy to oblige!

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