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Halloween was interesting this year because Ava doesn’t like costumes.  She thinks if you wear a costume it means you will become the thing represented by the costume.  She didn’t even want to be a kitty, until we explained that candy was involved.  Then she was not only okay with it, she wanted me to take a picture of her tail.



Jon went as David S. Pumpkins and the neighborhood went crazy.


Jon took Ava to trick-or-treating of the businesses from 4-6 and then we all went trick-or-treating after dinner.  We made a full circle up the street, down the opposite side, and up back to our house.  Ava walked up to our house and Ava said, “Open the door please.”  Jon responded, “We can take you to another street!  Do you want to keep going?”  Ava replied, “No, I’m all done.  Open the door.”  And with that she was done.

Pipe cleaner spiders


That night Ava had three pieces of candy and spun in circles for 30 minutes until she crashed.


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