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Hawaii Day 3

Day 3

We woke up and watched the birds rise with the sunrise around 6:50.  I try to burn images like this to my brain:


This year Jon bought us specialized snorkel equipment that was amazing.  Poipu Beach is one of the best places for snorkelling so we tried it out there.  Ava was excited at first because she could see all the fish.  You could hear her yell through the mask about this fish or that fish.  Unfortunately she got some water in the mask and didn’t want to use it again.  Hopefully next year she’ll use it because there’s a whole new world under the water.


I loved using my mask.  There were little fish with black stripes in yellow splotches, long flat fish with a silver stripe on top, orange and blue fish, long short fish with pointy mouths, and more and more!

Jon found the beach very relaxing:

DSC_6656 (1)

Kauai is filled with chickens and they are especially common at Poipu Beach.  Ava was frustrated that the chickens moved too fast to catch.  She wanted to catch them and put them in our house.  Ava started digging holes that she called chicken prison.  She was hoping that the chickens would willingly stay in her chicken prison.  We convinced her to rebrand it as a chicken hotel for marketing purposes, but she kept reverting back to calling it chicken prison.


An elusive chicken:


For lunch we ate veggie burgers at the beach.  I can’t remember where we ate for dinner.  Maybe Da Crack?

In the afternoon we did a little shopping and spent awhile hanging out at the house.  Ava is such a homebody that we tried to give her time to relax at the house.  She’s still obsessed with Princess Peach, Mario, and Bowser.  In Mario Odyssey Mario and Bowser are both trying to marry Princess Peach.  At first the game was that Ava was Princess Peach and she would make either me or Jon be Bowser and we had to try to marry her and the other parent would be Mario and rescue her from the marriage.  Then she decided she liked Bowser and wanted him to marry Princess Peach.  So on this day, she made Bowser a marrying bouquet out of the gorgeous flowers and nuts that fell off of the trees and bushes surrounding the house.


We also watched the sunset and the settling in of the birds during sunset.  Can you see why we were addicted to these moments?




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