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Hawaii Days 1 and 2

We went to Hawaii again this year.  I love it so much and I thought it might be helpful to write out all our activities.  After three years I feel like I know Kauai and I want to capture all of Ava’s activities.


We take a morning flight from SLC to Honolulu and then from Honolulu to Kauai.  This puts us in Kauai around 6:30pm.  I like this flight a lot and it’s much better than the first year when we took SLC to LAX and LAX to Kauai because it’s too easy to miss LAX flights.  I hate LAX.

Ava loves flying, but this is the first year that she was concerned about leaving SLC for vacation.  She already missed Teddy.  We wound up talking about him almost every day of the vacation.  Next, Ava was sad to leave her nanny for a week.  And then she asked for kombucha or “bucha” as she calls it and she was really disappointed that it wasn’t an option.

Also, Ava is not a fan of having her picture taken lately so they often look like this:


Day 1

The planes that go to Kauai are a bit rickety so they usually have problems.  I don’t think they have ever arrived on schedule.  One time the tire was flat and they had to fly one in from Honolulu.  This time there was a mysterious problem with the engine and we had to find a brand new plane.

So we arrived around 7:30, which was 10:30 Utah time and Jon and I were ready for dinner.  Ava fell asleep in the car and we found dinner at Savage Shrimp because it’s the only place open after 8:00 anywhere near our rental house.

Day 2

I woke up at 4:45 and I think Ava made it until 5:30.  We hung out until the birds outside started waking up with the sunrise and the family sat on the porch and watched the birds.  I didn’t get pictures this morning because we were taking it all in.  I find it pretty magical to listen to the birds wake up and see them leaving all the trees.  But we watched them every morning so I have pictures below.

Ava was still sad about leaving her home until she saw the ocean outside the window.  Then she started asking to go to the beach and we were at Baby Beach by 7:30 am and we were completely alone until around 9.



Baby Beach is aptly named because it has a series of rocks that prevent the waves from getting too intense.  The rocks also prevent people from waking more than two feet deep.  Ava loves it.


This year was also great because she was interested in playing in the sand.  The first year Ava spent hours digging sand, but the second year she barely played.  This year she wanted us to make sand cities.


For lunch we went to one of my favorite restaurants: Da Crack.  Da Crack is a reference to a butt crack.  You can see their sign here.  I had some hilarious discussions with Ava about the meaning of the sign.

After lunch we went to MacArthur Beach, which we call Crazy Beach because the waves are so intense.  Both Jon and I hold Ava the whole time because the waves will knock you down when you’re only knee deep in the water.



After the beach we ate dinner at the Shrimp Shack, which has this papaya ginger tartar sauce that I am going to spend the next year trying to replicate.



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