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Monthly Archive for January, 2018

Hawaii: Day 8

For our last day we headed up to Waimea Canyon.  Ava enjoyed chasing the chickens. The canyon was beautiful, but also really cold.  I did not appreciate how cold it would be up there because the rest of Hawaii was so warm.  Ava was displeased. We did some driving in the canyons and stopped at […]

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Hawaii: Day 7

Day 7 We went back to Poipu Beach and ate poke on the beach.  All the chickens swarmed because we brought out food. Ava was getting mad at the chickens and she wasn’t really interested in swimming. We went back home to get Ava in a better mood.  After a few hours of relaxing, we […]

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Hawaii Day 6

In the morning we headed back to Crazy Beach.  The waves were so intense that we only stood in the water up to our ankles and it still knocked us down. A lifeguard actually came out and told us not to go in the water.  None of that stopped the surfers, though, who looked like […]

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