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Hawaii Day 6

In the morning we headed back to Crazy Beach.  The waves were so intense that we only stood in the water up to our ankles and it still knocked us down.


A lifeguard actually came out and told us not to go in the water.  None of that stopped the surfers, though, who looked like they were having an amazing time.


We had fun on the beach, though.  Ava made wood structures and Jon helped her create a city of sandcastles.



We had a lovely lunch at my favorite bakery, Midnight Bear Bakery and visited the Monkeypod Jam store.  They have a fantastic tomato jam that is perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches.  [Sidebar: we are vegetarians and Ava recently learned that other people eat meat.  When I tasted the tomato jam, I remarked that it tasted like barbeque sauce.  Ava asked what barbeque sauce is and I said people usually put it on pig meat.  Ava was horrified to learn that people eat pigs.  I think she might wind up being a militant vegan when she’s older.]

We had poke bowls for dinner from Makai Sushi.  After dinner we watched a gorgeous sunset at Baby Beach.


Ava loved watching all the birds settle into the trees along the shore.



I’m so glad I brought my camera that night.


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