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Hawaii: Day 8

For our last day we headed up to Waimea Canyon.  Ava enjoyed chasing the chickens.


The canyon was beautiful, but also really cold.  I did not appreciate how cold it would be up there because the rest of Hawaii was so warm.  Ava was displeased.



We did some driving in the canyons and stopped at a little area with some forest.  Ava tried to lure the chickens out of the forest with peanuts and make a nest for them.


After Waimea Canyons, we drove out to Hanapepe for some more shopping.  On the way, we saw a rainbow that was like Hawaii’s request for us to come back soon.


I mentioned in Day 7 that we negotiated with Ava to wear a shirt by promising her a basket.  The house had these baskets with a very specific looking weave.  When we were shopping in Hanapepe I noticed that a gallery had purses held in a basket that looked just like the ones in the house!  It turns out that the baskets are made from the bark of the hala tree, which is a Hawaiian tree with a neat looking root structure.  The woman managing the gallery said that the basket was from the Ace Hardware right next to the airport.  We went straight there and I bought six baskets because they’re so particular to Hawaii and I knew Ava would be ecstatic.

Then we went to the airport and flew home.



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