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Ava and Technology

Ava is amazing at technology.  She’s better at using Jon’s phone than I am.

Alexa is on the table behind Ava’s head


We have an Alexa in the dining area and Ava is always adding things to its shopping list.  For awhile she was adding bird sticks, which is a phrase she loves to say.  It usually means a stick that you can use with a bird.  Like a chopstick that serves as a bird perch.  Then she kept adding milk to the shopping list.  Alexa has a feature where you can listen to the audio used to provide instructions.  I often check the audio when I’m at the grocery store because I can’t remember if I added the item or Ava did.  More recently Ava has been adding carrots to the shopping list.  We now have a lot of carrots in the house.


In our bedroom we use an Alexa to play music for Ava to fall asleep.  Ava likes to turn on the music.  She only wants music from KUSC, which is a classical music station in California.  When you instruct Alexa, she’ll say “Playing KUSC from Jon’s tunein in bedroom.”  The other night Ava made a joke where she told Jon to sing a song “from Jon’s tunein in bedroom.”


Ava likes asking Google questions on my phone.  It’s a great way to see what she’s thinking about.  The other day she asked Google how birds eat out of trees and how owls fly.  Ava also loves looking up YouTube videos about things.

Today we watched a video about baby mongooses.  Last week we watched a series of videos on baby snakes.  Before that we watched a video of a doctor removing a sea urchin spike from a woman’s toe.  There was a whole month when we watched videos of Mario beating Bowser in Mario Odyssey.

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