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Monthly Archive for April, 2018

Ava Tidbits

I’ve been saving up all these Ava tidbits.  This is the funniest one: We’ve been working on consequences with Ava lately. One night she wasn’t allowed to fall asleep with a toy but Jon promised to put the toy next to her after she feel asleep if she was good so she would wake up […]

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RIP Stonewall

On Sunday Stonewall started having seizures.  We brought him to the vet and got him anti-seizure medication, but it wasn’t enough.  He died during the night. My poor buddy.  We will really miss him.  He was such a happy little guy with such a loud voice.  He loved to get into things and during the […]

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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter was great this year.  Our neighbors hold an Easter egg hunt every year.  Everyone gives them 15 eggs and at 10:30 on Easter we let the kids loose. Ava did really well.  I was worried at first because she saw all the ones planted at our house and she was horrified that by the […]

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