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Ava Tidbits


I’ve been saving up all these Ava tidbits.  This is the funniest one:

We’ve been working on consequences with Ava lately. One night she wasn’t allowed to fall asleep with a toy but Jon promised to put the toy next to her after she feel asleep if she was good so she would wake up with the toy.

Jon: I promise I’ll put the toy next to you and there will be a consequence if I forget. What consequence should I get for forgetting?

Ava: No coffee ever again.

I had expected her to say something that would be important to her, like that Jon couldn’t have cookies for a day.  But she knew exactly what would hurt him.  I think this bodes well for trying to teach her empathy since she’s already capable of understanding what’s important to other people.


Ava’s been extra concerned about people staying with her and leaving lately.  When I go to the grocery store Ava asks, “Where are you going?  Will you come back?”  It’s especially funny because I work from home and I’m around her always.  I went to a baby shower a few months ago for three hours and she was upset for a week!  It’s only gotten worse since Stonewall died.

But Ava is also very sweet because when I leave she insists on giving me a hug and a kiss.  Sometimes she says, “Keep that kiss.”


Ava has always loved the signs prohibiting things.  Every time I use the hair dryer she wants an explanation about the icon on it that says you can’t put a plugged-in hair dryer in a bathtub full of water.  But she started getting savy to the fact that we ignore a lot of the rules on things.  Like how shopping carts have signs that say you can’t put the kid in the body of the cart.  Ava loves sitting in the body so much, sometimes she makes the reusable bags into a nest for herself.

Now Ava is learning to use the signs against people.  We got Ava a bounce house for her birthday last year and we bring it out sometimes because it brings out all the neighborhood kids to play.  The nicest girl on the street, Lydia, wanted to wrestle Ava in the bounce house.  Lydia is three years older than Ava so she won.  Ava got out of the bounce house, found the rule on the side that prohibits wrestling in the bounce house, and said she couldn’t wrestle anymore.



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