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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter was great this year.  Our neighbors hold an Easter egg hunt every year.  Everyone gives them 15 eggs and at 10:30 on Easter we let the kids loose.


Ava did really well.  I was worried at first because she saw all the ones planted at our house and she was horrified that by the time we got there they were all gone.  There was also a minute where she insisted that we find a golden egg.  But she got over these restrictions and enjoyed the process of finding eggs and especially eating the candy.



She was even okay with stopping once we got to about 15, especially since it meant she could inspect all the candy.


After all that candy I was especially happy that Ava’s Easter egg basket was entirely composed of fruits and vegetables.  Ava loves to go crazy in the supermarket and pick out peppers, radishes. bananas, and cucumbers.  So for her basket I picked out a tiny pineapple that Ava loved.  I also picked out English peas because Ava is enamoured with picking peas out of pods.  And I added a kiwi, cucumber, and purple carrots.  Ava thought the kiwi was a potato so we joked about the special green potato.

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