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RIP Stonewall

On Sunday Stonewall started having seizures.  We brought him to the vet and got him anti-seizure medication, but it wasn’t enough.  He died during the night.


My poor buddy.  We will really miss him.  He was such a happy little guy with such a loud voice.  He loved to get into things and during the spring he and Conner would mate almost constantly.  Stonewall hated Trevor and would try to taunt him.  Stonewall’s yell in response was so loud you could hear it from any part of the house.


Sometimes when I worked Stonewall would sit on my arm or preen my hair.  He was such a nice work companion.


Conner is taking the loss really well.  When Audrey died he was depressed for months.  I showed Conner Stonewall’s body and I think he understood, but he hasn’t needed much more than some extra scratches.

Rest in peace, Stonewall, we will miss you.

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