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Ava is Four Years Old

For Ava’s birthday Jon gave her a sleeve of crackers to feed the birds


Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava told us the other day that she is no longer a cat.  Even though I had worried for awhile that being a cat was going to cause problems with making friends, I’m sad that she’s moved on from that stage.  I think she’d been a cat for about two years.
  • Ava is getting much better at playing on her own.  She acts out complicated scenarios with her toys.  She loves injecting any drama into their interactions.  The other night, I felt like such a great parent because she had a bird that was upset because he wanted to be called a name that was different from his name and she worked through the steps that I implement when she’s having a tantrum.  She acknowledged that the bird was sad, but she wasn’t able to change the bird’s name.  She even used a gentle voice that I think was supposed to be my voice.
  • Ava is getting even better at playing with kids.  She used to do parallel play and not quite know how to interact with other kids, but now she plays dress up and she acts out some scenarios with the kids.
  • Ava is always convinced that I’m about to leave her.  Every time I come out of my office, she says “Where are you going?”  I thought that working from home would make Ava less clingy, but I think it’s had the opposite effect.

It was Ava’s fourth birthday, but she asked for five candles


Foods and Liquids

  • Ava loves macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, cabbage stew, scrambled eggs, lentils, french fries, spaghetti, sushi, and bananas.  She likes a lot of other food as long it doesn’t include lettuce, black pepper, or any heat from spice whatsoever.



  • Ava falls asleep pretty quickly as long as she isn’t allowed to talk and you play Ivan Moravec’s Chopin Nocturnes.

horseshoe crabs are very interesting underneath


Language Skills

  • Where to even start?
  • Ava has an astounding vocabulary and she’s clearly an only child who talks to adults all day long that also treat her like a person and not a child.
  • She’s been very interesting in the meaning of words.  Ava particularly likes to ask about idioms.  She used to laugh and laugh if you said you were losing your marbles or you tossed your cookies.  Now she wants to now about the idioms that aren’t so obvious, like don’t let the cat out of the bag.  Why, mom, why?
  • Ava is such a good person and language matters to her very much.  She doesn’t like it when I malign anyone’s character, alive or inanimate.  I can’t call the bananas old, for example.
  • In Florida the restaurant that we went to had almost all Laughing Gulls surrounding it and one gull with a grey head.  The grey-headed gull was grumpy and he would yell at any Laughing Gull that tried to land near him so I called him Grumpy Seagull.  Ava felt like I was too hard on him so she renamed him Sweet Seagull and said he was no longer grumpy!  She loved him so much, she’s pretended that he flew back with us to Utah.

It’s no wonder Ava wants to move to Florida.  Where else can you find two frogs inside an ashtray?


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