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We spent the last week in Florida where Ava got to see two grandparents on my side and one grandparent and an aunt on Jon’s side.  When we left, Ava declared that she wanted to live in Florida.  I think it’s because she loved seeing family, but I also suspect it’s because she doesn’t understand that vacations are more fun than real life.  I tried explaining that Jon and I have to work and can’t spend the morning at the beach and the afternoon at the pool when it’s not vacation, but she was not persuaded.


We stayed on St. George Island, which has a lot of beautiful houses and no good restaurants.  Fortunately Jon found one restaurant where we had the majority of our meals – Lynne’s Quality Oysters.  The restaurant is positioned right next to the water and the entire underside of the restaurant was filled with oyster shells from all the food they serve.


Jon alone ate 120 oysters during the trip.  I loved everything on their menu, especially the crab, although I only ate it once because the cracking of the crab legs was too physical for Ava.  She’s okay with eating the meat completely disassociated from the shellfish, but when faced with the crab leg she was completely horrified.

This was Ava’s favorite restaurant too because all you had to do was walk to the edge of the water to find a hermit crab.


I love any restaurant where I can take Ava back and forth to eat and wander.  It’s much easier than making her stay at the table entertained the whole time.

DSC_7243 (1)

The house that we rented was the nicest rental I’ve ever stayed in.  It was two floors of living space with its own elevator, heated pool, and golf cart.  The house is up on stilts and our bedroom was on the third floor so I walked up between 20 and 30 flights of stairs a day, which was amazing.  Ava loved the golf cart.


Ava also loved the pool, especially when someone pretended to be a water monster for her.  She still keeps asking “What’s a cracken?”








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