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There is a Great Blue Heron on St. George Island that has the most amazing life.

DSC_7148 (1)

There’s a guy who fishes every day and, judging by his leathery skin, he must fish for five hours a day.  Each time he catches a fish, he throws it to this heron that is always a few feet away.  This heron is so tame that I took the picture above with my 55mm lens.


I loved that the gulls weren’t like the California Gulls that you see in Utah or the Glaucous Gulls in California.  They are pretty Laughing Gulls with black heads.


They also have no fear of people, even intense bird loving kids.


I loved seeing all the Ruddy Turnstones.  They have such pretty plumage.


Ava is so interested in birds, I’m hoping she’s almost old enough to start birding with me.



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