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Ava comes from a long line of sight-challenged people.  As a result, it was unsurprising to discover that she also needs glasses.  But fortunately, they make some gorgeous glasses for kids.


The glasses staff at the eye doctors were trying to convince me that she could only wear ugly thick cheap looking frames because kids aren’t careful and tend to break glasses.  But that’s so wrong because these glasses are tough and Ava is very careful with them.  Ava told me today that she loves them.  She gets compliments every time we go out.


Short Sleeves

Last year Ava refused to wear any shorts or short-sleeved shirts because clothing had to go all the way down. This was a problem because it’s very hot in the summary in Utah.  Ava basically didn’t leave the house for all of August last year.



The first exception to her long-sleeve rule was that she would wear the green dress above because she loved it so much that she would wear it regardless.  And that dress worked as a gateway dress that made her willing to wear shorts, but only if they had birds on them.  After that I was able to convince her to wear any short sleeves or shorts as long as the clothing had a bird on it.  Usually I don’t spend much money on her clothing because I have Gap points tied to a credit card, but with this new breakthrough and a Tea Collection sale, I spent $200 on an entire wardrobe of bird outfits.


She also makes an exception for this blue dress because she decided that this is Elsa’s dress from Frozen.



Ava is a little sponge right now.  She’s watched Frozen 20 or 30 times by now and she quietly sings the songs to herself.  It’s so charming.


At night we read three books before Ava goes to bed.  Sometimes Ava asks questions, but sometimes she is really quiet.  But this girl, don’t ever think she’s not paying attention.  Instead, she just doesn’t want you to know how smart she is.  She’s quite the opposite of me, heh.  I was always the first person to raise my hand in class.

We will read a book one time and she has it memorized.  The second time we read it, she will ask questions about the book before we get to that part.  For example, we’ve been going through all these educational books about different subjects, like bugs, birds, and space.  I was reading one about ocean life for the second time and Ava asked why the starfish’s stomach comes out.  She remembered that starfishes expel their stomachs, surround their food, and suck it back inside!


2 Responses to “Ava Gets Glasses, Wears Short Sleeves, and Absorbs All Knowledge”

  1. Mary Ann Barton says:

    I love the concept of the “gateway dress” for short-sleeved garments. And the glasses. Fashion eyewear!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    And thank you again for the gateway dress! Without that she might still be in long sleeves!

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