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Big Cottonwood

It’s just Ava and I now on our trips and it’s been great.  Sometimes I pick the places we go, but other times Ava asks to go somewhere.  I’ve discovered that the thing that guarantees a good trip is to let Ava do her own thing.  We went to Big Cottonwood and had lunch before hiking.  All these birds were interested in Ava’s sandwich so she tried to make a nest to tempt them.  In this picture below, she’s sitting on the nest.


I chose Big Cottonwood because I’ve been trying to get Ava more interested in hiking.  She loves the outdoors and if she can develop some stamina, we could have some hiking adventures.



Ava has been really interested in animals lately and we’ve been getting her a variety of non-fiction library books.  I think her favorite one is about snails.  One day we were outside looking for snails and Ava said, “We won’t find them, they’re nocturnal!”  Another time we were reading a book about eggs and on a page showing that the eggs can be camouflaged by being speckled like the surrounding rocks, Ava said “that way the eggs are hidden from predators.”

At Big Cottonwood Ava was really excited about the water bugs that stay on top of the water.  We talked about surface tension, but I’m not sure she grasped it.


We didn’t make it very far on the trail, but that’s fine because Ava had a great time and I did get one picture in a forrest.




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  1. cindy says:

    Love this! I hope she decides hiking is a favorite!

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