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I took Ava on a trip to San Francisco for Labor Day Weekend.  It was so much fun!  She finally stopped asking to move to Florida because now she wants to move to San Francisco.  I told her if she goes to college in San Francisco, I’ll happily move.

We stayed at the Marriott Marquis on Mission, which is perfect for anyone with kids.  It’s across the street from a Trader Joe’s, an Old Navy, and a Gap Kids.  I felt comfortable the whole time knowing that if Ava freaked out about her clothing, I could buy more.  And when she requested apple/grape juice, she didn’t even realize how lucky she was to request a type of juice that is only available at Trader Joe’s.

I chose this hotel because it’s near Yerba Buena Park, which looked like a great place for Ava to hang out.  After we arrived, I took her to the park and she was ecstatic.



After the park we went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA).  Ava is used to interactive kids’ museums and so when we entered the museum she had her hand out ready to touch a sculpture.  I had to tell her that you’re not allowed to touch the art at SF MOMA and she was pissed.  Look at this face!

MVIMG_20180901_154635_1 (1)

She demanded to leave and I had to promise her dessert to stay.  We made it through the first floor.  She perked up a bit when she realized that she could photo bomb my pictures.


I got a little emotional when we saw a Frida painting because Ava is such a huge fan of her work.  We have a great book about Frida and the little creatures she would paint to try and escape her physical pain.  Unfortunately, I only snapped a quick picture with Ava in front of the picture and I cut off the top, which showed one of the little creatures (a bird) similar to the ones in our book.  But I love that Ava got to see one of her paintings in person.


We made it through one floor of the museum (of about seven) and I think that’s pretty impressive considering it was the same day as the flight to San Francisco.  I found a legitimate ramen place by the hotel where they asked questions about real ramen, like how firm did I want the noodles?  Ava liked it there too.



After ramen Ava got her wish and we stopped at a place that makes the most amazing cream puffs.  Ava loved it and she went to bed really easily after such a big day.






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