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About This Blog

About the Birds

This is a blog about pet birds and outdoor birds.  I have three cockatiels: Conner,  Trevor and Stonewall.  I used to have a cockatiel named Audrey, but he died November 2011 at 22 years of age.







I bought a camera to photograph the cockatiels and then discovered the joys of photographing birds outside.  Since I had all these pictures, it made sense to create a birding blog.  I guess you could say that I’m a bird nerd.  Now I spend my weekends looking for birds in parks and waterfowl management areas.


When my husband and I take vacations and when I travel for work, I try to get in as much birding as possible.  So even though this blog features a lot of birds from Utah, there are also birds from California, the East Coast and other good birding locations such as Arizona.  This requires a lot of posts on birding identification because I get to see some fairly exotic species.


About Me

I’m in my thirties.  I grew up in New England, went to college in Atlanta, returned to New England for law school, worked in Menlo Park for two and a half years (that half is important!) and moved to Salt Lake City, UT in 2009.  I’m a Patent Attorney.  My daughter, Ava, was born May 11, 2014 and has changed this from a bird blog to a mommy blog.

In addition to photography, I’m interested in most things related to science and technology.  I also have a lot of useless knowledge about philosophy and some muddled thoughts on politics.

Lastly, I have a great affinity for music made in the 1990’s, especially grunge music.


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Due to a ridiculous amount of spam, the comments must be approved by a moderator before they’re posted.  I’ve always disliked this policy and I may change it in the future, but given the nature of much of the spam, I’d rather spare my readers from encountering the disgusting content that is received through the spam.  Also, no one wants to look at your Ugg boots, weirdo spammer.

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