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Buddhist Monastery on Mount Emei

I haven’t told you the craziest thing that happened while we were in China.  Before our flight from Shenzhen to Chengdu took off, these two women got into a fight.  One of them had a baby and she hadn’t bought a ticket for the baby.  So she tried to put the baby in the seat […]

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Back when Jon and I were in South Carolina, his parents took us to a farm where they make soap out of goat milk.  They had the most beautiful animals.  There were chickens. and peacocks and the cutest goats ever!  They even had pellets available so you could feed the goats. Goats are so neat. […]

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Chickens in Salt Lake City

Have you heard about the controversy surrounding residential chicken ownership?  There is a fantastic NY Times article about the problem.  It’s allowed in Salt Lake City, though.  We discovered urban chickens during a walk.

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Search Terms

Okay, whoever came here using the search term “mixing cockatiel with chickens” needs to know that these species can’t breed with each other.  The only mixing of cockatiels that I’ve seen is with a pink cockatoo called a Galah.  I tend to think that is a hoax, but there is a video, so maybe it’s legitimate. […]

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We spent the day in San Francisco today, so no new bird pictures. This is a view of the city from the Castro. This rooster was at the San Francisco Zoo. Look at his headdress! He’s the George Clinton of chickens. How does he even see through that? This guy was very goal oriented. He […]

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