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Fitbit Update

I’ve been reading exercise blogs lately, and they’ve very boring because they’re too centered on the writer so I’m going to try and write a more interesting one.  I’ve been using the Fitbit since March and I’m slowly making progress.  The Fitbit generates an activity score, which is a measure of how sedentary the user […]

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Oh man, what a week.  This month is crazy and packed with activities.  Last weekend we went to Las Vegas for an attorney trip.  This weekend I’m planting my garden and I rented a 400mm f/2.8 lens from BorrowLenses.com, the same company where I rented the lens in San Francisco a few months ago.  All […]

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Why I’m a Vegetarian

I wasn’t always a vegetarian.  In fact, I used to be one of those people that wanted to try exotic things like crocodile and quail.  But I was never completely comfortable with meat that resembled the animal from which it came.  I much preferred a chicken breast to a chicken wing because you could pretend […]

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