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March is Bad for Birding

You know what’s hard?  Birding when you’re 32 weeks pregnant.  Getting out of the car is the hardest part.  I’m close to buying a Prius and I’m trying to decide between the regular one and the V.  The regular one is quieter, but it’s so damn uncomfortable right now.  The V has a lot more […]

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Rocky Mountain Lake Park

On our last day in Denver, we visited Rocky Mountain Lake Park.  It’s more like a pond and had very few birds, but was quite beautiful.  It’s one of those places that help establish Denver as an active place where people can jog and ride bicycles. They had a squirrel with a messed up tail. […]

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Marshes in Draper, UT

Draper, UT has a small bit of marshland that is very popular with the birds.  It’s in the middle of a residential area, so it serves as a nice area for people to walk and there’s even a small pond for fishing.

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Canada Geese – Golden Gate Park

Visiting Golden Gate Park the other day, we got a real treat: Canada Geese! They were foraging grass in the field. If you expand the picture below, you can see a blade of grass sticking out of his beak and bits of grass on his beak. I’m not sure if these geese were migrating because […]

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