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Dark-eyed Junco

The Dark-eyed Junco has two different subspecies.  Utah has the “Oregon” Junco sub-species, which I posted about recently.  Illinois has the “Slate-colored” Junco variety.     The difference is so huge, I don’t understand why they aren’t different species.  The “Oregon” Junco has a black head and a brown back.  These juncos are very gray. […]

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Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco

The Uintas had a lot of Dark-eyed Juncos.     This was the first time that I’ve seen a baby junco.  For awhile I thought he was a White-crowned Sparrow because they were in close proximity, but the coloring didn’t match.  I kept thinking about his brown back and pink beak and the ID clicked! […]

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Yellow-eyed Junco

Last weekend I hiked a trail up in Big Cottonwood called Willow Trail. Although it’s near Solitude, the trail wasn’t very busy because it starts off very steep and doesn’t have a nice boardwalk for people to stroll.  But it’s just as beautiful as the Silver Lake trail with gorgeous views.  There’s still snow on […]

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Dark-Eyes Juncos

Although I haven’t had a lot of luck birding in Utah this winter, there is a pretty consistent supply of backyard birds that enjoy my feeders.  I have great hopes for the backyard.  I want to start gardening so I can grow my own vegetables, but I’m also planning the garden based on how I […]

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Dark-Eyed Juncos

When I first started putting out cockatiel seed for the outdoor birds to eat, this little bird would join the sparrows.  I could not identify him for the longest time because the vast majority of dark-eyed juncos are grey with white breasts (Slate-colored juncos).  But finally, I realized that he was a dark-eyed junco.  There […]

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