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American Pipit

Years ago I saw an American Pipit in Northern California.  I think it was in San Mateo.  I’m really surprised that I didn’t post about it because I think the shots were pretty decent.  But good pictures with that old lens aren’t as good as the 500mm lens pictures I took in the Uintas earlier […]

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Gray Catbird

It took me the longest time to see my first Grey Catbird.  I’ve heard them, but not seen them.  As the name suggests, these birds meow like cats.  Last summer Jon got pictures of them while I was somewhere else and I completely missed the bird!  But finally on July 9th, I saw him!  He […]

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Lazuli Buntings

Yesterday I had a fantastic time at the Red Butte Garden. Usually I do a small circuit around the pond and the bushes near the entrance because they contain quails, but this time I ventured in the mountains. The trails were gorgeous.  I’m not sure what the yellow flowers are below.  They might be yellow […]

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Brown Creeper

A few weeks ago I went back to Silver Lake based on reports of crossbills and hookbills.  I’ve never seen any types of either bird.  Alas no crossbills or hookbills, but I did see some gorgeous views. But I did see a Brown Creeper.  I was excited because I recognized the call before I recognized […]

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Lazuli Bunting

So I’m sitting outside experimenting with settings on my camera by taking pictures of sparrows

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Warbling Vireo

Do you know how many grey birds there are in San Francisco? There are flycatchers. There are bushtits. And there are vireos! This is a Warbling Vireo. You can tell the difference between a Warbling Vireo and other types by the faint line that goes from the right of his eye to the back of […]

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