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Conner is scared of so many things.  Take this orange, for instance.  It looks pretty innocuous, right?

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Star Trek, Pictures, and Feathers

The cockatiels love Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Every night we play an episode of TNG and the cockatiels make happy chirping noises.  Conner is especially fond of the ship noises. When the ship beeps, he beeps back. Here’s a picture of Audrey on his favorite perch.  He’s been hanging out there a lot, which […]

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I intend for this blog to be about birds. I have two cockatiels: Audrey and Conner. I’m also developing birding as a hobby, so I will post pictures and discuss birds in Northern California. Although this blog is for the birds, heh, I’m always disappointed when bloggers neglect to reveal a little about themselves first. […]

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