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How to Bird in Heber, UT

Last Saturday I went birding.  There weren’t a ton of birds but I think I did really well for March. American Flicker I started in my favorite part in Heber, UT.  This is where I saw my first Sandhill Crane and moose.  This time I saw an American Flicker and a Scrub Jay. Even though […]

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Bald Eagle Day

Yesterday was Bald Eagle Day at Farmington Bay where they poison the carp and the eagles come to eat.  Yum.  The eagles starting coming in weeks ahead of schedule. Wait, are you thinking “Oh no, not another Bald Eagle post”?  Well, let me show you some of the other things I’ve seen in the past […]

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Bald Eagle

There are a lot of eagles on Deseret Ranch.  They like to hide on the rock formations and within the spaces between hills. So keep your eyes peeled because he might be on any branch: I’m really proud of this shot: Before this, my closest pictures were very far away.  They are such amazing birds. […]

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